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 I'm interrupting the normal scheduled programming to bring you a special episode which hopefully will be happening twice a month from now on. Basically, tell your story is just a more fun way to say interview and it is for people with a story worth telling so it can connect them to a new audience and vice versa. If you wanna tell your story through my platform message me on the CONTACT PAGE or Instagram. Thank you...

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 Interview Questions 

 Hey Guys! It's #TellYourStoryTime and we're starting off with a bang! My first guest is Blackman Aigbiremolen whom I met less than a month ago. I was walking with a girl and she mentioned someone was coming to speak to us and because of his name I thought it was a description or perhaps his actual name. After talking to him for a while due to the heavy rain I was hooked and I enrolled in one of his programmes and he's the one that gave me the idea to start doing interviews. I hope I've done enough to transfer his fire through text. Let's do this!
 1. Tell Us About Yourself
   My name is Blackman Aigbiremolen I'm 27 from Edo state, Nigeria (born and raised).  I'm an accelerated learning expert, fitness instructor, martial arts practitioner, an extreme athlete, a calisthenics freak, HR manager, project manager, think tank consultant, business & educational consultant and a guy infected with the wanderlust. I love creating impactful moments and radical changes in just a moment of time and I've always been very intuitively connected to the idea of  just radically changing another person's life if the person gets to meet up with me. All you need to do to have an instantaneous radical change is to meet up with the right person and so I've charged myself with that kinda mission where I get to be the guy with the strategic skills and tactics for someone to move to the next level.
  I'm the first and only son, third out of 4 siblings, my Dad is a banker & auditor, my Mom is a nurse. They both have very good careers in the Nigerian civil service. I can remember having memories of who I was as a distinct individual from just 3 months old so I pretty much believe that my consciousness in terms of growth as a human started from that age. People say I'm gifted but I don't see myself in that light, I just have an intense drive and I was lucky to have a conscious higher sense of purpose from when I was little. I got invited to the Nigerian School of the Gifted but my Mom turned it down because she didn't want her only son to go far off at that tender age. 
  I was the first Catch Them Young winner of the Nigerian Society of Petroleum Engineers essay competition, the first city-wide competition held in the country. I came first in the Federal common entrance exams to enter into secondary boarding schools; I was the best in my state and top 3 in the country. During my secondary school period I had lots of stellar performances both in academics and sports. I'm good in football, Taekwondo and track athletics – both short and middle distance races. I'm also a B-boy i.e. break dancing, I introduced calisthenics as a culture in my uni because they are both very similar. 
  In hindsight, I can see clearly that my life right now is a conglomerate and culmination of the different skills I've learnt in the different arenas I got into. It's just been awesome, I'm very happy with the social, emotional and academic skills I've gathered. I'm also a petroleum engineer because that's what I studied in uni.
  2. What's Your Story? 
   My story started around 2010, that was the real detour from my previous trajectory of stellar academic performance, I started B-boying and calisthenics in 2009, Taekwondo in 2003 and got more intense in 2006. I was reading some about shale rocks in 300 level (3rd year) when I was in uni and these rocks are where the largest reserves of crude oil can be found but they were still trying to find economically viable ways to drill the oil from these rocks at the time. In Nigeria we have sedimentary rocks and if they started drilling oil from these shale rocks then our market will come down and it'll lead to job losses like what happened in 2017.
   So, from that point on I started thinking about other things that really got me at my core because I couldn't see a future in such an industry. Also, I was struggling in uni unlike in secondary school. I struggled a lot! I was looking for how to change it so I asked senior colleagues for advice but no one was able to give me concrete ways on how to improve my grades. I went to the library but there were no books on the brain and how to use it and the mind on how to study so it was a very terrible situation for me because I wasn't used to failing.
   I was walking through a book fair and I saw a book, “How to Study Smarter Not Harder” so I picked it up and read it and for the very first time in my life, I discovered there was a way to channel my mental energy to do a task and some very efficient methods and tools to use. I started studying those methods and tools as individual components and that's how my story started with accelerated learning (AL). I could increase how fast I could read a textbook by several % through speed reading, mind maps, etc. ALL HEAVEN BROKE LOOSE, LITERALLY! I remember practicing a lot between 2010-12 and even practiced AL components more than my uni books. My friend told me that I was in uni to study pet engr not accelerated learning because after practicing it I barely went to classes because I was tired and "lazy". 

  One of my favourite experiences was when  I had read what the prospectus said should be covered in a particular course and I felt I had done all my studying. I went around to check on my friends to see what they were studying and I found out what I studied was so off from what was taught in class and this was like 11 pm and we had an exam by 10 am the next day. I checked out the correct materials and it was about 500 slides and some extra notes. I ended up studying everything 6 times that night! I had an A. From that point, my best friend, George Afambu was a very big believer in AL. I also answered about 50 Multiple Choice Questions in 10 mins and the person in charge of the exam was in disbelief and thought I was cheating but he found no evidence of that. He said “so of all the years, it's now that you want to form that you're a scholar, shey?” and it annoyed me. It wasn't like I wasn't a scholar all through, it was that I didn't know the specific mental skills in the university academic terrain for a major part of my stay. So, that's how my story started. I simply decided that no tertiary level student would go through the same challenges I went through; all they needed was a contact with me. 
 3. How Did You Get The Concept For Your Venture?
   I felt like I had lots of experience learning how the brain and mind works because I 'd read hundreds-thousands of books and articles on the subject. I felt there were lots of students, entrepreneurs an business people that had so much problems studying because they lacked the zest for it. I decided to be the guy who'll break that in the country and “create a generation of super learners from my experiences and from the challenges I went through”. I believe I went through them for the larger good and for a greater purpose and that's how the concept for my venture started.
   There's so much intellectual darkness in the soul of the average Nigerian youth and I wanna change that. "I don't want a generation of youth taught what to think about but how to think for themselves and that involves motivating themselves to study and take on learning challenges."
4. What is Your Vision & Mission?
Credit: Adobe Stock, photo by rnl
   My vision is to have mentally self-sufficient youths, masterminds who are not moved by external factors, people that can handle huge amounts of rigorous stress with this kinda presence of mind. I want to make sure they have the right kind of mindset to deal with challenges without feeling overwhelmed. Challenges don't affect their behaviour, they get to be thermostats not  thermometers. It is also having youths that are critical thinkers and very emotionally sound.               Education should've been a means for these people to have total mind control and lead very successful lives independent of the surrounding circumstances but that isn't happening. I've heard of professionals killing themselves or loved ones due to severe depression or other mental health issues. This shows that educating the human spirit is far more complex and it's scope is beyond what is covered in our present curriculum. I want a system where the person isn't just taught professional courses but also how to be a human, the necessary mental skills needed to succeed as a whole person; and that starts from the mind.
   My mission is to bring forth a generation of super learners that life for them is connected to the joy of learning and not just the short term vision of being a “snapshot successful person”.   
5. What Products or Services Do You Offer and Who Are They Primarily For?
   I only offer services for now. I offer accelerated learning seminars for students in secondary and tertiary institutions. I AL as part of my consultancy for business people. Imagine you're a business person who can read a new business book daily, that's 30 business books a month and 365 a year! You can also learn a new business skill every month so that's 12 new skills a year. Couple that with the books you've been reading, that'll sky rocket your value as a business person! I love to astonish my customers! I also offer education consultancy for example, I teach parents why their children are not performing well in school and the exact beliefs and habits they need to get their children to be super performers. I also offer leadership training for youths, mental health training for those who want to master their mind and in & post camp training for corpers.
  6. What's Unique About Your Venture?
  Speed and a unique insight of the inner-workings of the mind. When working with my clients they get to undergo radical mind transformation, it occurs as a quantum leap in their thinking i.e. the enlarging the scope of their thinking and the several steps ahead they can think through. Mind limits are always broken even if that wasn't necessarily my objective and there are several testimonies to prove.   
​​ 07. Why Should People Patronise You?
   The entrepreneur's mind is responsible for the expansion of a business or it's limitation. I've had cases of someone's business revenue quadrupling in 10 days because of one session and that was just amazing. I bring speed, attention to detail, intensity and fire overall. My clients tell me that when they were lukewarm I fired them up with my intensity. A sage said that one way a piece of cold wood can get burnt is to get it close to one that is already red hot with fire and soon enough it'll start burning independently. I bring unique and crazy passion and those around can feel it.
8. How Do You Bring Awareness to Your Venture?  
Credit: Adobe Stock, photo by gustavofrazao
  I take every activity in my business to be a self development programme and I believe a lot in massive action! I have a list of 20-100 things I need to do in a month and I just go all out! I talk to people, groups, get invited, get the job done, look out for the next group and travel to the next state. I make sure to honour anyone that honours my skills and value. I basically bring awareness through offline activities because I'm not a big social media person even though I use in sometimes. 
​ 9. 
What Are Some Risks You Had to Take & Hurdles You Had to Jump Over?
   For me the risks are usually more mental than physical. The risk of trying a venture that doesn't exist in the country. Cutting down your vision to fit into people's expectations, thinking you have the right team who will be ready to go through earth, wind and fire but only 10% are committed and the rest don't really believe in the vision and it can cause you to lose trust in future team members. Being disorganised and unclear about your goals and objectives. 
  Some hurdles are capitalisation: where you have a huge idea but no funds to back it up but I believe challenges are meant for me to overcome not to intimidate me. One of the nastiest hurdles I overcame was being rejected by the person I was dating she said my visions are so big and it seems you're just gonna be broke trying to bring them to life. It was crazy, especially when you've been sharing your vision with someone you thought you'll spend the rest of your life with and that statement pops out of the blues. There was a period of totally healing and I understood what Leonardo Da Vinci said “genius is lonely”.
  Another hurdle will be people not getting what you're trying to do for them especially when it's a new venture but as long as you can break it down for them and properly show them the value it has for them, then case settled.
 10. How Was Your Experiences as a Nigerian Shaped You and How Do You Show in Your Venture?
Nigeria -Credit: Ventures Africa
   I usually tell entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship is like being an air plane and your challenge is the force of gravity, don't ever underestimate the pull that gravity has on the plane. The plane can be in great shape but if it doesn't develop enough thrust to break through the force of gravity it'll just be like a car. For small scale entrepreneurs in Nigeria, it feels like the gravitational pull is x2 of what it is elsewhere. If a Nigerian person can start a business here then they can succeed abroad because my experience has shown me that the condition here is very nasty. It's not nasty because of lack of money but the average consciousness is set at basic survival and not progress because people are hungry and because they spend so much energy looking for food, when you can feed them they are done.
  You need to do extra work to know your particular market and found out the people in there that can pay you unless your business won't float. My experience as a Nigerian has made me more creative because there's lack of cash to splash around so you've to creatively make your money and strategically multiply it. Don't save, the revenue needs to keep on coming continuously and you have to be real rock solid because the challenges will keep on coming.
​ 11. 
What Ambition(s) Do You Have & How Does It Drive You Everyday?
   My ambition is just being a thought leader that taught my generation how to think. Currently, we're being ruled by dead thought leaders like Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Buddha, Jesus (resurrected), etc. I wanna be that person that made people change how they live their lives for generations, for several millennia! What drives me is becoming a universal man, a rare person that you get to see once in a thousand generations.
12. How Do You Deal with Setbacks, Rejection & Disappointment?
    I just remember that it just turn on this because the stream of time always brings opportunities as long as you have a ready mind that can see properly when these opportunities pop up or you can create your own. People overestimate rejections, setbacks and disappointments and underestimate their power to design and create the life they've always wanted. Sometimes, when the disappointments are so intense what I simply do is to take some time off to chill and relax; it's about being a “human being not a human doing” so I don't always need to act. I remember who I am, I have the wisdom of the ages, the tactics and insight to solve any kind of problem and there's nothing I can't overcome. 
 13. Do You Believe You Need Money to Start a Business?
   No, I believe you need a lot of “sweat equity” to start up any business you want to. Not having money and doing nothing shows a severe lack of creative thinking; sometimes what you need to supercharge creative thinking is hunger. When you've not eaten for a day or two by the third day you'll only focus on important things and you'll start seeing ideas you never saw before. The circumstances is never going to be the problem, your hunger or lack of it will be the issue. How intense is your fire? When it's intense enough you'll see opportunities around you to make money, keep your expenses low and safeguard your capital you need for your business.
 14. What Do You Need to Run Your Business Smoothly?  
  I need a website, a very small team of 6 persons or less but I can mostly handle my business on my own and the market share is huge. I don't necessarily need my team around me at all times, they're just people that understand my vision and are like mercenaries. "​My ride or live team".
  15. What Some of Your Core Values?
  Intensity- I love energy, intentionality- I love attention to details. Largeness in scope, excellence, customer astonishment not just satisfaction. I like astonishing them with huge amounts of value; you know those situations where your client is asking you “I paid this for all this?!” I love creating such feels, special moments- a special junction of change and radical transformation in the person's life which occurs when they meet me. I dwell in the land of candour because deep down I'm a warrior so I say it like it is but respectfully.  
What are Some Habits You Possess That Help You in Business?
Credit: Adobe Stock, photo by enterlinedesign
  I take my business as a personal development course i.e. I create a checklist so I'm always progressing with every component of my business dealings. Due to the checklist I get to have an ever running feedback mechanism and before you know you get lots of feedback and can take corrective measures every day. I'm very conscious about feedback because it helps me to tweak my behaviour and habits.
​ Another important habit is using deadlines because they bring you down to a level of focus you can't have unless there's a clock ticking down on you.

 17. How Often Do You Sharpen Your Skills?
  I sharpen my skills every day, I have this deep self-awareness, I get to find out what kind of weeds are in my mind so I can take them off because I don't need weeds only fruits! 
18. What's “ONE” Thing You Can't Do Without?
 *Laughs* A4 sheets of paper. I'm always writing something and there's something philosophical about the papers and it might sound weird to you. I just feel like it's a clean canvas where every imprint in there is from my consciousness . I prefer that to writing on lined sheets of paper like in books.
19. What's Next? 
  A nice youthful online community blessed with rich critical thinking, not argumentative but much more concerned about thinking about how to think and learn. I'm looking out for a community of youths that are very concerned about increasing the value in their human capital resources. With the situation we got in the country, it's not necessarily a case of physical resources but of the mid; there's much darkness in the mind – let there be light! Over a year I'm looking to have a platform of around a 100k youths who I can talk to every time and I'm already getting to the 1000th mark – 99k to go! *laughs* 
 20. If You Could Choose Between Receiving £100m and the Knowledge of How to Make £100m Which Will It Be?
  I'll choose the knowledge of making £100m and... I usually like using and... okay, I'll choose the £100m and learn how to use and multiply that money. Why?, I don't need a 100m to know how to make a 100m, I can take a small portion of the money to learn how to make another 100m. Due to the level of development I've gone through there's no stuff like me squandering the money, it's just not going to happen.
​ 21. 
If You Have a Time Machine “When” Do You Go? Past, Future or “No-when”?
  I'll not use it. I'll stay in the present, c'mon, it just sucks going to the future because I've literally seen my life so no more spoiler alerts. I welcome everything, the challenges and the victories, but those guys who want a time machine good luck to them. Mine is literally like”life bring it on! I'm game”. I eat life. 
 22. If You Had To Pick 3 Successful People Dead/Alive to Spend an Hour With and You Can Ask Them Anything, Who Will They Be?
   Jesus Christ: What really happened during your 40 day fast?
  Leonardo Da Vinci: How did you live your philosophy of obstinate rigour?
  Nikola Tesla: How did you build such vivid powers of visualisation?
Finally, How Can People Reach You? 
 You can contact me on WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram (click on any of them). 
  Wow what a wonderful interview! Make sure you contact him especially if you're in Nigeria. He's set to visit 30/36 states in the federation so be on the look out for him. 
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